World of Walker (Alan Walker Album)

World of Walker is the debut studio album, written and conducted by Norwegian house record producer Alan Walker.

The album was announced back in 2017 when “All Falls Down” was released originally as a concept EP, which sets out it’s own storyline. When “All Falls Down” was released, it’s music video was expected to form part one of a four-piece short film, which will eventually mean a four-track EP, which eventually changed over time.

In January 2018 when mentioning his debut project in multiple interviews, he said:

It is going to consist of about 8 songs and “All Falls Down” will be included, as well as the next two singles. I’ve got a bunch more songs coming on and am still working on them and I’m very excited for this. I felt like not releasing an album because how the market has become so streaming based. As time passed, I’ve got so many tracks laying around and also potential new singles, but I think just to get them included on the album is a very good thing.

He also revealed a song called “Diamond Heart”, which may be on the album, which Sia has supposedly written. It is an incredibly soothing and more ambient track, compared to his previous work and has suggested that Alan Walker will be experimenting with a lot of different sounds to make up his album, as well as maintaining his signature sound, and will be able to show what he is capable of as a producer, saying that he “always wants to evolve”.

World of Walker Album Details

  • World of Walker
    World of Walker
    Tracks: 1
    Release: 2018

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